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ZModeler3 homepage was launched 28.Nov.12

      The homepage for ZModeler3 product was launched. The website comes up with personal account management and disucssion forums in a bundle. The recent updates as well as the download of uptodate stable build of ZModeler3 are on a front page.

      The respective forum is considered as the main source of support and troubleshooting of respective product. Both ZModeler forums runs the same content, so you don't need to create new forum account. Consider using new forum for any ZModeler-related questions.

Posted by: Oleg

ZModeler2 product price drop 2.Oct.12

      ZModeler3 is now available for purchase and takes succession of ZModeler product.
      Starting from October 2012 ZModeler2 license price is set to $22 USD, an no extra bounty for ZModeler3 product is given upon purchase of ZModeler2 license. These are now two separate products on sell.
      Reminding you that late ZModeler2 purchases (January 2011 - September 2012) get a ZModeler3 bounty as promised. If you have any "bounty" related questions, post them on ZModeler3 forum.

Posted by: Oleg

ZModeler3 beta test open 24.Jul.12

      Hello everyone! ZModeler3 is ready for beta testing. You can download your copy using this link (7.0Mb).
      ZModeler3 has no it's own site yet, so all ZModeler3-related news will be posted on forum. Note, ZModeler3 forum's url is You will find an account creation guide and trial license application guide there too.
      It's strongly recommneded to read these guides prior to creating an account or trying to apply trial license. Note, that trial licenses will be voided and new trial licenses will be granted to all ZModeler3 users when beta-test period ends. Note, you can not make posts in ZModeler3 forum section unless your forum username is binded to your ZModeler3 account.

Posted by: Oleg

Test Drive Unlimited2 filter in ZModeler 2.2.6 8.Nov.11

      ZModeler version 2.2.6 have been released. This build was affected by Microsoft libraries that got updated, so I had to increase version number here. This build includes an update to support file export with specific export filter. This is important if you have several filters that support the same file extension (Test Drive Unlimited 1 and Test Drive Unlimited 2 filters use the same file extension).
      Test Drive Unlimited 2 filter can Export models now. Refer an according guide thread for details.

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Posted by: Oleg

ZModeler v2.xx price drop 22.Mar.11

      While ZModeler3 development takes it's amount of time on a constant bases, there is no much effort put into ZModeler2. However, it's still the only product available and any plugins or filters are still developed and released for this series.
      At the same time, there is neither estimated release date for ZModeler3 available, nor pricing policy declared, but I could claim that any ZModeler2 license purchased in year 2011 will be converted to ZModeler3 license for no additional charge. Making this offer even more attractive, I reduced current ZModeler2 license price to $45 USD.

Posted by: Oleg

ZModeler v2.2.5 system requirements 25.Feb.11

      ZModeler v2.2.5 have been recently released, including several bugfixes and Test Drive Unlimited 2 Import-only filter. Due to system and environment upgrade on my side, this build appers to require the latest DirectX 9 runtime libraries to run properly. If you don't see textures browser, or you materials editor misses texture layers page, make sure to upgrade DirectX. Follow to discussion thread to get the download link.

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Posted by: Oleg

ZMAutoUpdate utility. 26.Sep.10

      ZModeler hoster company has upgraded it's servers and equipment recently, so ZMAutoUpdate utility was unable to get latest updates in new environment and kept reporting no updates available. This utility was upgraded and can download updates. You can get it by downloading a full ZModeler2 package. If you like to use update your ZMAutoUpdate utility only, you can unpack this file only from downloaded package into a folder you have ZModeler installed in.

Posted by: Oleg

Clipping Point filter 25.Aug.10

      Initial release of Clipping Point filter have been released. I don't have the game, and cant be sure on 100% accuracy, but you can posts your comments in associated forum thread. The filter supports materials as well.
      Clipping Point as free Moddable online and offline racing simulation game.

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Posted by: Oleg

Wavefront OBJ Import/Export filter. 26.May.10

      Wavefront OBJ Import/Export filter is now available. You can either use auto-update tool or download ZModeler from the site.
Modify/Scale tool behaviour was changed. It's now impossible to scale local axes of an object, only geometry can be scaled. Scaling multiple objects in selected mode with "Base to Pivot" option allows to scale complex scenes with hierarchy - all at once.

Posted by: Oleg

ZModeler v2.2.4 for download 26.Apr.10

      ZModeler compilation with modern libraries for updated GUI is now available as ZModeler version 2.2.4. Additionally, dual-screen (or multi-monitor support was added), so you can run ZModeler on wide desktop layout. Several "floating views" could be created for the best benefit of dual-screen.
      NFS Shift filter was updated to support X-Box version of the game. Even thought X-Box textured are not supported, most of them can be found in PC version. For example, all Ferrari models refer to textures, that available in PC version, so Ferrari models could be easily converted.
      GTA:IV filter was updated to support EFLC version too.

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Posted by: Oleg

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