Reference materials

Native types, classes and functions

Native types Native ZModeler types.
Native templates Native ZModeler templates and related types.
Mathmatic routines ZModeler-defined mathematic types, functions, macros and routines.

Interfaces overview

namespace core Types, interfaces and sub-namespaces declared in namespace core.
namespace rend Types and interfaces declared in namespace rend.
namespace scene Types and interfaces declared in namespace scene.
namespace shared Types and interfaces declared in namespace shared.
namespace services Types and interfaces declared in namespace services.

Helper files, and pre-defined implementations

interface ZUnknown Interface ZUnknown and helper macros with imeplementation of interface-related functions. This includes a set of macros which are very similar to ATL (Active Templates Libary).
Library structure Implementation macros for making library structure and proper class exporting from you plug-in module.
#include <helpers/ *.h> Helper functions, interfaces and classes grouped by files they are located in.
Error support Helper functions, macros and classes for native support of error-reporting. This includes functions for logging messages to log window, message box support and a class for supporting error-info on per-class basis.
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