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Recent Addons:

Turkish Localization
ZModeler v2.2.6
TDU2 Example
ZModeler v107 SDK
ZModeler2 SDK

ZModeler 2.x documentation and tutorials:

  • Basic Lessons online, offline (1.48 Mb).

  • Advanced Lessons online, offline (2.13 Mb).

  • UV-Mapping in ZModeler2 tutorial.
  • UV-Mapping in ZModeler2 videotutorial. (avi 18.5 Mb)

  • Software Development Kit online, offline (7.62mb)

  • Old ZModeler 1.x documentation and tutorials:

  • ZModeler 1.x manual by Ryan Trevisol (in Adobe PDF format).

  • Full Documantation online, Download (590k) offline,

  • Tutorial: Creating cars from scratch in ZModeler (2.5 Mb) offline,

  • Tutorial: Creating custom wheels. online, Download (80k) offline

  • Insane: Vehicles Editing Guide. (help file: 110kb), Full guide (with sample: 650kb)

  • Convertion and Game editing tutorials:

  • NFS4 to Midtown Madness: Part1: Basics online, Download (100k) offline,
  • NFS4 to Midtown Madness: Part2: Advanced online, Download (794k) offline,
  • V8 Challenge: Vehicles editing basics online.

  • Programming for ZModeler:

          The SDK documentation is available for ZModeler v1.07.
          The documentation has complete tutorials section and provided with several source codes.
          Download SDK (1.2Mb).

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