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Registration of ZModeler:

ZModeler2 is Shareware product with the only limited functionality: Importing feature. Free copy of ZModeler can be used for personal purpose without profit (one can't sell or rent models made with free copy of ZModeler). Free copy of ZModeler WILL NOT restrict you with neither the time limiting nor tools functionality.

Development of this software took a real long and still takes a lot of time and effort, so author expect some profit for this hard work.

Terms and conditions

Here are additional terms and conditions you have to agree with before registering ZModeler2:

  • This registration covers ZModeler 2.x versions only, those that available and any upcoming upgrade or updated modules, or additional plugins. Only ZModeler 2.x versions are in a subject. No other payments required for any updates of a kind. Once newer ZModeler 2.x version released, you can activate it with your registration key.
  • You are not allowed to reproduce, publish or make available on any public archieves: (i) your copy of ZModeler2 or any part of it; (ii) your Registration Code; (iii) any third-party imported materials (e.g. stock game models within .z3d files or in any other format);
  • Import feature does not allow you to import files which were locked by other ZModeler users;
  • Incidentally lost or stolen Registration Codes will be black-listed and become non-functioning. You could be provided with new Code in such a case only once.


    You can register your copy of ZModeler2 for a price of $22.0 (USD). This is the ultimate price, since ZModeler2 product is no longer evaluating. All effort is now in ZModeler3 product and no new updates will be supplied for ZModeler2.

    How to register?

    All the payments are made through BMT Micro, Inc. or via PayPal in a secure form. Make sure to select a proper region or a country of your residence, because availability of payment methods might be differnt.

  • This page © Oleg Melashenko 2000-2007. All trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Zanoza Modeler is the property and trademark of Zanoza Software Developing team.