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ZModeler v2.2.3 and NFS:Shift Import/Export filter 28.Feb.10

      ZModeler v2.2.3 is now available for download. This version includes updated Euro Truck Simulator / German Truck Simulator filter with complete truck and trailer modification support. NFS:Shift filter is now able to Export vehicle models, so you can Mod the game now. Additionally, some tools were improved and new features were introduced. Refer discussion thread for more details.
      You should read ETS/GTS filter guide thread if you are going to use updated filter, since thare is a lot of changes since previouse version of it.
      You should read NFS Shift: Import/Export guide thread if you are going to use this filter.

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Posted by: Oleg

NFS Shift: Import-only filter 16.Oct.09

      NFS Shift filter is available and can import Shift vehicle and cockpit models. You can either redownload ZModeler from the site, or get filter via AutoUpadter. Please refer discussion thread for proper filter settings.

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Posted by: Oleg

ZModeler v2.2.2 and GTA4 filter 4.Aug.09

      With respect to Microsoft Security Update for July 2009, ZModeler was rebuild with upgraded Microsoft libraries. It was an optimal stage to line up ZModeler version and release it as version 2.2.2. This package includes all latest updates and improvements.
      GTA4 WFT files are officially supported and editable with ZModeler from this moment on. The filter is included in downloadable ZModeler archieve and allows import and export of vehicles and bike models. Please, refer official discussion thread for details.

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Posted by: Oleg M.

GTA4 vehicle modifications 1.Jul.09

      GTA IV .wft export filter have been released for a public beta-testing. I declarativly confirm that filter can not guarantee properly exported models currently, so any publically available vehicle mod at the moment should be considered as a potentially dangerous for GTA4 stability. You should not download and install any vehicle mods until stability problems resolved.

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Posted by: Oleg

ZModeler v2.2.1 and GTA IV import filter 16.Feb.09

      ZModeler v2.2.1 is available for download. It includes import-only initial release of GTA IV: WFT filter. Additional structure changes have been made, so you should update whole ZModeler by redownloading it from the site.
      This release has the same system requirements as version 2.2.0, so you might need to download and install additinal redistributive packages as stated in release notes. Refer an associated discussion thread for more details.

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Posted by: Oleg

ZModeler v2.2.0 27.Nov.08

      I've upgrated development environment and build ZModeler with newer libraries. New version components (2.2.x) are not compatible with older version and vice versa, so I've risen version upto 2.2 to avoid compatibility errors. Redownload ZModeler from the site.
      Software Development Kit was updated and now compatible with Visual Studio 8 (2005) and higher. I haven't tested, but you should be able to build plugins with Visual Studio 2008.
      There have been no major internal changes in ZModeler itself, just few bugfixes and minor updates:

  • Textures Browser: Replace
    Additional button in textures browser allows to replace selected texture with another texture that you load. This will replace texture on material where it was used.
  • NFS Undercover
    Import-only filter is available. Original source code of this filter is included in SDK, so if there are skilled coders who would like to make an export to NFS, I will assist and help.
  • Test Drive Unlimited Several material/shader definitions were added, so it will be more easy to export.

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    Posted by: Oleg

  • Euro Truck Simulator 29.Oct.08

          Euro Truck Simulator support was added in PMG filter. Additional changes have been made in features of PMG filter which relates to previouse 18 wheels of steel titles, so refer to discussion thread for details.

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    Posted by: Oleg

    ZModeler 2.1.1 and Test Drive Unlimited export filter 1.Aug.08

          ZModeler 2.1.1 was released with a fully featuring Test Drive Unlimited export filter. Additional changes have been made, so refer to release notes thread on the forum.
          Test Drive Unlimited is a very anti-modding game, so please be kind to read filter usage topic regarding TDU modding. Also, a TDU Examples Pack is available for download, so you can take a look, how TDU models are orginized.

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    Posted by: Oleg

    Juiced2 grabber (beta) 6.Jul.08

          As a respond to request for Juiced2 import filter, a beta grabber-filter have been released. This filters grabs recognized data from game files and loads it. This includes loading of textures and mesh objects. However, complete textured mesh made out of parts is not what this grabber can do. There are certain limitations that prevent better-quality filter to be made, so this filter is stated as grabber (beta)
          This filter is released with full source code, so one can use it with ZModeler2 SDK to make desired changes.

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    Posted by: Oleg

    Chamfer tool 28.Jan.08

          Chamfer modification tool is available for low-level mesh editing. The tool is very similar to Knife tool but it does not slices the mesh only. It can create smooth or sharp connection of sliced areas, a so-called Chamfer. View discussion thread on the forum for details and examples.
          Use autoupdater to get recent updates.

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    Posted by: Oleg

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