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SDK for ZModeler2 is now available 26.Dec.07

      Software Development Kit (SDK) for ZModeler2 is now available. This is a first revision and it's designed for ZModeler v2.1.0. You can download updated ZModeler version from the site too.
      SDK includes Debug and Release runtime of ZModeler and libs, header files, lots of original source code and complete reference materials help file.
      Move to Downloads section to get fresh copy of SDK and/or ZModeler2.

Posted by: Oleg

SDK for ZModeler2 24.Dec.07

      Reference materials from upcoming Software Development Kit have been released for research. Consider these materials as ZModeler API. Additional materials (original source codes, libraries and tools) will be released when SDK gets updated. You can either download offline documentation (540kb) or browse it online.

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Posted by: Oleg

Get a fresh copy of AutoUpdater 28.Oct.07

      After server relocation you might noticed autoupdater refused to connect to updates server or show no updates available for a long period. Even thought new updates were posted and available for download, your old copy of ZMAutoUpdate is unable to access them. Get a fresh copy of ZModeler 2.0.9 which includes a working update utility and check for updates.
      Even though this have been announced on ZModeler forum, some users have missed this important changes and haven't got recent updates.

Posted by: Oleg

Test Drive Unlimited Import-only filter 16.Jun.07

      Test Drive Unlimited import-only filter have been released. This is initial release and has some limitations on import, but however it was successfully tested on cars, bikes and interiors. 2DB textures are natively supported with this new filter, but you will need to adjust materials to get a well-looking model.

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Posted by: Oleg

ZModeler v2.0.9 10.Feb.07

      ZModeler v2.0.9 is available. This version lines up most of internal changes that I had to make due to developing a SDK for ZModeler2. All updates and cosmetic changes that were available via autoupdater only are also included.
      This release also includes import-only NFS:Carbon filter and does not include NFS:MostWanted import filter. So, if you wish to use one - make a backup copy of ZModeler 2.0.8.
      Minor bugfixes were made in GMT filter concerning transparent materials.

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Posted by: Oleg

LockOn: Hot Riffs import filter 2.Nov.06

      LockOn: Hot Riffs import-only filter have been released. The game is aimed for modern air combat and have pretty high-detailed and accurate models. Since, there is lots of animatebale parts and other game-specific features in files, export in this format is not available.

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Posted by: Oleg

ZModeler v2.0.8 22.Aug.06

      Long time since last update, but I've been working on ZModeler. You can download ZModeler v2.0.8 from the site to get the most recent updates (AutoUpdater will not supply you any new files).

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Posted by: Oleg

Site experience some problems 22.Jun.06

      Since my hoster has migrated to new platform, site is about to experience some problems for a short period. The site has migrated already, but certain features might be unavailable for some time. Currently seems like isn't working properly. Autoupdater is no longer work properly at the moment - it will be updated with new release of ZModeler.

Posted by: Oleg

NFS Most Wanted: ripping notes 14.Apr.06

NFS: Most Wanted filter have been updated. You can refer discussion thread to find the key point of this post. Textures loading wasn't made yet, since their extraction is quite problematic yet. But all meshes are pretty high quality and can be used in your favourite game. All details are in the forum.

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Posted by: Oleg

ToCA RaceDriver3 filter released 30.Mar.06

      P3D filter for RaceDriver series of games is now available. You can redownload ZModeler2 or use AutoUpdater to get this filter.
      Since I have only "Civic 2006 Demo" I haven't tested that much features, so, you can post your comments/wishes or bugs in discussion thread. Also, make sure to read filter guide on the forum before using the filter. Happy modding!

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Posted by: Oleg

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